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Digital Book Index (DBI)

DESCRIPTION: DBI is intended as a "meta-index" for most major eBook sites and thousands of smaller specialized sites. It provides links to more than 148,000 full-text digital books from more than 1800 commercial and non-commercial publishers, universities, and various private sites. More than 140,000 of these books, texts, and documents are available free. This includes works ranging in subjects from literature & languages, history, philosophy & religion, social sciences, and general reference books.

SUBJECTS: biological sciences, children's literature, history, languages, law, literature, math, medicine & health science, reference, religion, performing arts, philosophy, physical sciences, social sciences
Digital Public Library of America (DLPA) Some full text available

DESCRIPTION: DPLA is a portal that delivers students, teachers, scholars, and the public to library resources, wherever they may be located. It provides a library search tool that allows you to search accross the collections of a number of online libraries that include Project Gutenberg, Open Library, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust and more. Some of the materials are available online, while others are not. And copyright access to these materials will vary.
E-Books Directory

DESCRIPTION: E-Books Directory is a free directory of links to free downloadable e-books, technical papers, documents, as well as user contributed content, articles, reviews and comments. E-Books Directory is a service to students, and researchers.
Google Books

DESCRIPTION: Google Books is a service from Google that searches the full text of books that Google has scanned. This amounts to just over 15 million scanned books and other printed works which are no longer in print or commercially available.

  • For books that may be covered by copyright and where the owner has not been identified, only "snippets" (two to three lines of text) are shown, though the full text of the book may be searchable.
  • While Google Books has digitized large numbers of journal back issues, it does not include the metadata (catalogue records) of journal titles required to identify specific articles in specific journal issues. When looking for journal records throught Google it is advisable to search at Google Scholar.
The Online Books Page Some full text available

DESCRIPTION: The Online Books Page is an online index of over one million ebooks as well as an archives of serials freely available on the Internet.

Handbooks & Guides

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) Restricted Resource Some full text available

DESCRIPTION: GVRL is a database of encyclopaedia and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research.

SUBJECTS: arts, philosophers, philosophy, philosophy terminology, humanities,regional religion studies, religion, religious denominations

Online Libraries

Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature Some full text available Resource contains images

DESCRIPTION: The Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature is a sub-collection within the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC). It is a collection of children's literature containing more than 100,000 volumes published in Great Britain and the United States, includes more than 800 early American imprints. This collection is further comprised of the following subcollections: SUBJECTS: book arts, book design, children's literature, literature studies, paleography, palaeography, textual history

COVERAGE: early 1700s +
Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) Some full text available

DESCRIPTION: The DOAB is a directory of peer reviewed books published under an Open Access license (such as a Creative Commons license). Its primary goal is to increase discoverability of such books. It currently indexes over 1500 Academic peer-reviewed books from over 50 publishers. The DOAB provides a searchable index to the information about these books, with links to the full texts of the publications at the publisher's website or repository. Search for online books by title, by subject, or by publisher.

SUBJECTS: agriculture, archaeology, architecture, arts, astronomy, biology, business and economics, chemistry, earth sciences, environmental sciences, food sciences, health sciences, history, languages, law, literature, life sciences, mathematics, philosophy, physics, political science, religion, science, social sciences, statistics, technology and engineering
EBSCO eBook Academic Collection

DESCRIPTION: The EBSCO eBook Academic Collection provides access to a large selection of multidisciplinary eBook titles representing a broad range of academic subjects. More than 160,000 titles are available in the following subject areas:
  • art;
  • business & economics;
  • education;
  • language arts;
  • literary criticism;
  • medical sciences;
  • performing arts;
  • philosophy;
  • poetry;
  • political science;
  • religion;
  • social sciences;
  • technology & engineering.
Downloading EBSCO Ebooks: EBSCO Ebooks can be downloaded (i.e. checked out) for up to 7 days. This can be helpful if you want to transfer the book to an e-reader, or if you want to work with it offline
  • In order to download EBSCO Ebooks you will need an EBSCO account (it’s free!). Just go to the EBSCO Ebooks search page and click "Sign In" at the top right-hand corner of the webpage;
  • You will also need to have Adobe Digital Editions software installed on your device.

European Library Some full text available Resource contains audio

DESCRIPTION: The European Library is an Internet service offering access to the resources of 47 European national libraries. The resources (digital and non-digital) include books, magazines, journals, audio recordings and other material. The European Library portal offers free searching, and delivers metadata records as well as digital objects: some free, others at a cost. Its management of The European Library is based on a consortium of nearly 50 subscribing national libraries, all in charge of maintaining and developing the portal services.

NOTE: Not all materials indexed on this site are open access or free.
gallica Bibliothèque Numérique (GBN) Some full text available Resource contains audio Resource contains images Resource contains video

DESCRIPTION: A project of Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF), GBN allows users to search a large range of documents, books, maps, manuscripts, images, periodicals, music scores, & audio recordings. It fulfills the mandate of BnF to make them available to the public copies of works published in France that must, by law, be deposited there.
Getty Publications Virtual Library (GPVL) Some full text available Resource contains images

DESCRIPTION: The GPVL provides access to digital copies of select Getty publications spanning 40 years, including many titles that are now out of print. This consists of texts associated with several Getty institutions, extensively researched exhibition catalogues from the J. Paul Getty Museum, Flemish illustrations from 1400 to 1500. As well, this online collection also contains a range of books on specialized topics, such as treatises on art conservation from the Getty Conservation Institute, and scholarly works from the Getty Research Institute.
HathiTrust Digital Library (HTDL) Some full text available

DESCRIPTION: HTDL is a large scale collaborative repository of digital content from research libraries around the world. It provides a number of discovery and access services, including full-text search across a repository comprised of 8 million volumes, over 2 million of which are in public domain. Search for HTDL public domain books through the main site, the advanced search or via the WorldCat Library Catalogue Portal. Use HTDL to search for and access online public domain materials. You can also use HTDL to find items in other libraries near you or to find items in other libraries in order to make an InterLibrary Loan request.

NOTE: Users who are not affiliated with HTDL partner institution can only download:
  • single-page PDFs of all public domain works;
  • full-PDFs of works made available under Creative Commons licenses; and
  • full-PDFs of public domain works that are not subject to third-party agreements
Please read more information on printing & downloading from HDTL.
Internet Archive » Ebook & Text Archive Some full text available

DESCRIPTION: Is there a rare book or edition that for which you are searching? The Ebook & Text Archive of the Internet Archive contains a wide range of fiction, popular books, children's books, historical texts & academic books. The text collection includes digitized books from various libraries around the world, including American libraries & Canadian libraries, as well as many special collections. It includes special sections on Children's Literature & Special Topics. The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library with the stated mission: "universal access to all knowledge" and to historical collections for researchers, historians, scholars and the community at large. It offers permanent storage and access to collections of digitized materials.
IntraText Digital Library Some full text available

DESCRIPTION: IntraText Digital Library is an online library that functions as a reading, reference and search tool. It is structured to create and make available high quality electronic editions, particularly in editorial, philological and linguistics aspects. That is, It can be used to read a work, to browse a text as hypertext, to search for words and phrases just through a simple click of your pen or mouse. It reproduces electronic texts scholarly editions that include footnotes (even when structured in several apparatuses), philological annotations, references to one or more different editions. It will often provide notations distinguishing between the author's lexicon and the lexicon of other authors, several languages in the same text

DESCRIPTION: ManyBooks.net is a re-redstributor of free ebooks from Project Gutenberg, the public domain and Creative Commons. Subject/Genre range from African-American Studies and Canadian Literature to philosphy, psychology. Many of the ebooks found in the ManyBooks.net catalogue can be access in multiple formats including:
  • ePub (.epub);
  • Kindle (.azw);
  • PDF (.pdf);
  • PalmDOC (.pdb);
  • SonyReader (.lrf);
  • RocketBook (.rb);
  • RTF (.rtf);
  • Plain text (.txt);
  • and more.
SUBJECTS: African-American Studies, art, banned books, biography, canadian literature, criticism, drama, fiction, history, language, poetry, politics, philosophy, psychology, science<
NCBI Bookshelf Some full text available

DESCRIPTION: NCBI Bookshelf is a searchable collection of online biomedical books and other literature. It can be searched directly by typing a concept into the database search engine. In addition to some classic biology and medical textbooks and monographs, it also includes books and databases produced by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

SUBJECTS: biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, genetics, health sciences, life sciences, medical sciences
Open Library Some full text available Resource contains images

DESCRIPTION: Open Library has about 30 million records of which 20 million are currently available. This includes access to more than 1 million scanned public-domain full-text books, available in an easily browsable and printable format. Examples of the quality of some items in the collection include scanned rare books and early editions, such as an 1831 edition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

Open Library is a project of the non-profit Internet Archive, as a member of the Open Content Alliance, and is funded in part by a grant from the California State Library and and the Kahle/Austin Foundation.
Project Gutenberg (PG) Some full text available

DESCRIPTION: Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks, with 30,000 free ebooks with another 100,000 titles available through PG's various partners' & affiliates' sites. Most of the items in its collection are the full texts of public domain books. These are primarily works of literature from the Western cultural tradition. Whenever possible, all full-text items PG's holdings are public-domain books, and whenever possible are available in plain text, Other formats are released as well when submitted by volunteers, with the most common being HTML. In addition, PB also contains a number of audio-books.
ProQuest Ebook Central

DESCRIPTION: ProQuest Ebook Central (formerly ebrary) is an online digital library of full texts of over 1 million, of which over 70,000 are scholarly e-books. It provides access to scholarly books from over 435 academic, trade, and professional publishers and government documents. And ebooks are available in the following subject areas:
  • business & economics;
  • computers & IT;
  • education;
  • engineering & technology;
  • history & political science;
  • humanities;
  • interdisciplinary & area studies;
  • language, literature & linguistics;
  • law, international relations & public policy;
  • life sciences;
  • medical sciences;
  • nursing & allied health;
  • physical sciences;
  • psychology & social work;
  • religion, philosophy & classics;
  • sociology & anthropology.

ProQuest Ebook Central Canada - Canadienne

DESCRIPTION: ProQuest Ebook Central Canada is an online digital collection of full texts of over 9,800+ cross-disciplinary, Canada-specific titles. This includes 1,600+ in French.
Universal Digital Library (UDL)

DESCRIPTION: With a growing online collection UDL facilitates free access to human knowledge with a free-to-read, full-text searchable collection of 1 million books. UDL is also known as the Million Book Project, led by Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science and University Libraries. It's growth objective is to make 10 million books accessible online over the next 10 years.

SUBJECTS: astronomy, biology, chemistry, education, economics, engineering, geography, health, history, law, mathematics, music, religion

COVERAGE: 1500 +
University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC) Some full text available

DESCRIPTION: UFDC provides researchers with access to unique and rare digitized materials held at the University of Florida (UF) and partner institutions. The digital materials housed in this online collection range from the Arts and Humanities, to the Social Sciences, to the Sciences.

SUBJECTS: arts, geography, history, humanities, literature studies, sciences, social sciences
University of Toronto Libraries - Books Online

DESCRIPTION: Books Online makes available over 200,000 books from the University of Toronto Libraries. These are books which are in the public domain and are made available online for free by the University of Toronto Libraries Digital Collections.

Online Archives & Museums

Early Arabic Printed Books Restricted Resource
Gale Primary Sources

DESCRIPTION: Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library provides access to books books printed in Arabic script as well as translations into European and Asian languages spanning 400 years. This is an aggregation of 3 collections:
  • Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library: Literature, Grammar, Language, Catalogues, & Periodicals
  • Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library: Religion & Law;
  • Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library: Sciences, History, & Geography

SUBJECTS: Arabic studies, Middle Eastern studies, Legal studies, philosophy, religion

NOTE: If you are not a member of the StMU community, you can access Gale Primary Resources via The Alberta Library Research Portal.
Gutenberg Digital Some full text available Resource contains images

DESCRIPTION: Gutenberg Digital makes available an online digital facsimile of an original Gutenberg Bible. As well, it also provides instructions on how to use the pages, criticism, historical resources, and tools for comparing bible pages.

SUBJECTS: Biblical studies, book design, early Christianity, illuminated text, New Testament, Old Testament, religious studies, scripture
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