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eResources – Off-Campus Access

You can access the library’s electronic resources during library hours in the library. When you try to access all toll toll access resource access resources you will be prompted to enter your STMU email and password into an external authentication system called OpenAthens.

For more information on the Library’s electronic resources please see the Electronic Resources information page.

Computer Use

  • Library workstations
    The library has 8 research computers and one QuickRef laptop with access to the library catalogue, electronic databases, and the internet. You may use these workstations for research and coursework.
  • Library computer labs
    The computer labs in the library (B104 and B105) contain a total of 56 workstations. During the Library’s open hours and when not booked for classes, the computer labs are available to students for e-mail, software use and library research.
  • Audio-visual station
    In the northeast corner of the Library, beside the group study tables, the library maintains one audiovisual viewing station. This station fully supports VHS and DVD formats. As well, students and faculty can view DVD’s on any of the 64 workstations housed in the library.


Printing in the Library is 10¢ a page. All new students have a $1.00 balance to start. additional funds may be added in-person at the Library service desk or online through

Printing is also available from your personal laptop or mobile device. To do so you will need to login to your account (This link is also located in the footer of the library website – WebPrint).

If you’re unsure how to use then please consult the following online instructions


The Library is fully equipped with WiFi access. You can connect to the library’s website & resources using your own laptop, mobile phone or tablet via these networks:

  • StMU-Guest does not require a username/ID or password (PW); or
  • STMU-SECURE requires an ID & PW. Use your StMU network account ID & PW.

Email & MyStMU

The StMU HelpDesk website provides instructions on how to consult the HelpDesk online, about StMU email accounts, email forwarding, MySTMU (Self-Service) Portal, logging onto library computers, changing your password, accessing your “my documents” folder, printing, and logging off.

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