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  • About InterLibrary Loans (ILL)
    ILL (also known as interloan, document delivery, or document supply etc.) is a service whereby a user of one library can borrow books, videos, DVDs, sound recordings, microfilms, or receive photocopies of articles in magazines that are owned by another library.


  • ILL Materials that can be requested through StMU Library
    The Library will process ILL requests for materials of all types. However, some libraries to which ILL requests are forwarded may place restrictions on the types of materials that will be loaned. The kinds of restrictions will vary from institution to institution. PLEASE NOTE that the library does not process ILL requests for materials that are readily available within the city of Calgary through either SAIL member libraries or the Calgary Public Library system. 


  • Who Is Allowed?
    InterLibrary Loan Service is extended to StMU faculty, staff and students. Community and TAL Borrowers are not entitled to the InterLibrary Loan Service. If you are a member of the StMU community and need to borrow material from a local library to which you do not have borrowing privileges, you can also use a lending card from The Alberta Library (TAL).


  • InterLibrary Lending to SAIL member Libraries
    PLEASE NOTE that the library does not process ILL requests from users within the SAIL Library Consortium (Ambrose University, Bow Valley College and the University of Calgary) for physical materials held within the consortium. However, StMU Library does accept document delivery requests of full-text materials from users within the SAIL Library Consortium. You can download the ILL request form and email the filled out form to



Make a Request

InterLibrary Loan Form

If you need to request an InterLibrary Loan, you can access ILL request forms at the library Information Desk or download the following ILL request form and return it to the library Information Desk.

At StMU Library

  • InterLibrary Loans will only be processed for patrons that have a status of OK in our library management system (i.e. no overdue items or fines);
  • If a patron has fines or overdue items they must return items and pay fines prior to the ILL request being processed;
  • The Library will accept no more than 5 InterLibrary Loan Requests from one person at a time. All 5 items previously requested must be returned on time before more requests will be processed;
  • Currently there is no charge for faculty, staff and students to request items on InterLibrary Loan;
  • If overall usage increases or is overused by particular patrons, a charge may be required to process ILL requests.

Geographical Restrictions on ILL:

The Library can readily process ILL requests for materials at other Libraries in Canada, and generally North America. However, ILL requests from materials outside North America will not be processed.

Provincial ILLs

  • The Library can and will process ILL requests for materials within Alberta (though not within the SAIL consortium).
  • To find materials within Alberta and request an ILL please use TAL Online.

PLEASE NOTE: The Library can obtain ILL requests that are available in North America only. International loans are not possible unless the lending library is agreeable to photocopy an article for a reasonable price.

Delivery & Pick Up

  • Delivery of books and mailed journal articles can take 2 weeks or more;
  • Delivery of emailed journal articles will usually take less than 2 weeks;
  • Library staff will notify patrons by email when the items requested have been received;
  • It is the patron’s responsibility to provide the library with a valid e-mail address;
  • Patrons may pick up their items at the Information Desk in the Library;
  • Items not picked up within 7 days of their arrival in the library will be sent back to the lending institution;
  • Items returned after the date stamped on the ILL book will be assessed a fine of $1.00/ day.

Other Libraries

InterLibrary Information

InterLibrary Lending

St. Mary’s University (StMU) Library will process InterLibrary loans (ILL) with the following conditions:

  • St Mary’s will only process InterLibrary Loan requests from libraries that are outside of Calgary; and
  • Requests from local libraries will not be fulfilled; patrons from local libraries need to come to St Mary’s and sign out the materials with either their Student Card (Consortium libraries) or a lending card from The Alberta Library (TAL).

Lending Policy

Only items with a loan period of at least two weeks will be lent out for InterLibrary loan:

  • Books, VHS, DVDs may be lent out;
  • loan period – items are due 4 weeks from the date of mailing;
  • items returned late from the borrowing library (exceeding the 4 week loan period) may be assessed a fine;
  • no renewals are possible.

The following materials are not available for InterLibrary lending:

  • Journal Articles can be requested for document delivery (photocopied) only. Physical print journals cannot be lent;
  • EBooks;
  • General Reserves;
  • Course Reserves;
  • Reference Books;
  • Special Collections materials;
  • Education Curriculum Lab materials.

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