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In academic libraries, materials which have been given a shorter loan period for a limited period of time (usually one term or semester) are placed on what is called Course Reserves. This ensures that all the students enrolled in particular course have an opportunity to use them.

The Library’s Course Reserves collection provides highly requested items for courses offered during term. These materials are circulated for 2 hours, 1 day or 3 days. Course Reserves may include:

  • books;
  • lecture notes;
  • journal articles;
  • other relevant information to support student course projects and learning.

Find & Retrieve

All materials placed on Course Reserves are available for check-out for a limited loan period. They can be requested at the Library’s front desk. You can also browse the Library List of Course Reserve Materials or Search for Specific Course Reserves materials for a particular course via the Online Reserve Search.

To search for course reserve materials listed in the library catalogue, please search using the course number followed by STMU.

All course reserve materials are located behind the Library Information Desk. Please request course reserve items by the course Call Number.

i.e.: HIST 200F

Spring/ Summer 2020 Access Guide

Course Codes Course Names Title E-access with: Edition/Year Notes
ASTR 205 Modern Astronomy Discovering the universe, 7th, 8th 6th 7th, 8th n/a
BIOLOGY Permant Reserve A short guide to writing about biology 9th ed. 2016
DRAM 203/205/303/


Drama All A challenge for the actor, Uta Hagen. 1991 Sign up for free account for access.
ENGL 00 English The Little Seagull handbook, 3rd ed. 2017 3rd ed. 2017
GEOG 381 Regional Geography of Canada The Regional Geography of Canada 6th ed.
HIST 200A History of Ideas: Antiquity to the Reformation Western civilization : ideas, politics and society 11th ed.
HIST 200B History of Ideas: Scientific Revoluton to the 20th Century Western civilization:ideas, politics and society 11th ed.
PHYS 211 Physics-Permant Reserve Fundamentals of Physics, Halliday & Resnick 10th 2013
POLI 361 Politics and Environmental Justice Climate change : a very short introduction Mark Maslin. 3rd ed. 2014
PSYC 00 Psychology Publication manual of the American Psychological Association:the official guide to APA style 7th ed. 2020
PSYC 00 Psychology Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. 6th ed. 2010
RLGS 205 Reading Biblical Texts The New Testament : a very short introduction, L.T. Johnson. 2010
SOCI 353 Sociology of Education The Sociology of Religion: A Canadian Perspective 2014

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