Library Construction

The Library is Under Renovation

This summer the Library will be undergoing renovations, from July 18 to end of August.

During this period The Gerry and Anna Maier Special Collections Reading Room will be closed for regular access. Should you require access to special collections materials during this time, or require an appointment please contact Catherine Carlyle (

This will also impact your access to the computer labs and the washrooms. During this period there will also be:

  • noise and disturbance in the Library;
  • intermittent power & network/wifi outages;
  • no access to the library computer labs (B104 & B105);
  • no washroom access! For alternative washroom access please consult this map ….

alternative washroom access

(you can also download a copy of this map

Please plan accordingly!

For the latest information and updates on this project please contact the St. Mary’s University Facilities Manager Eddy Souriol

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